Number of Swimming Pools Per Person is Increasing in Orlando

Swimming pools have recently become increasingly popular in the state of Florida. The total number of pools in Florida right now is known to be 392,048. That is a huge proportion of all the pools in the U.S. in total. To be specific, Florida has 7.3% of all the swimming pools in the country. It has the second largest number of pools among all the other states, California having the largest number (634,393 pools, 11.8% of all the pools in the country). It’s an astonishing number for sure. Read on to find out the reason behind Orlando, Florida’s love for swimming pools.

Why is it happening?

Estimates tell us that the number of people that can use each pool in Florida are 32 based on its population. A Floridian normally uses a swimming pool around 4.4 times each year. A tourist that is visiting Florida ends up using the pools around 2.6 times. Based on these estimates, it makes sense why there are so many swimming pools in Orlando now. There are a few other things that contribute to the people’s need of swimming pools in the state. Florida has a warm subtropical climate. The sunny weather creates perfect conditions for the typical Floridian to relax in a swimming pool on a hot day. Swimming pools in general are a great source of entertainment. A swimming pool in a house increases its value. It is assumable that if you are looking to buy a house in Florida, you would be willing to pay more for a swimming pool. It makes sense that more and more people are now choosing to install one to fulfill the needs of any potential buyers. The lower price of pool service might have some influence too. Services like pool coping and pool resurfacing are very cheap here compared to other cities.

swimming in pool

Since the weather, the entertainment and relaxation culture involves swimming pools so heavily, these can be important attributes that make up the decision behind getting a swimming pool in the first place. Community pools are one way to enjoy a pool. However, it is much more efficient to get a pool of your own if you know that you will be using it quite frequently on various occasions. 

Additionally, swimming pools can have health benefits. If you’re a regular swimmer, you will find that swimming builds muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. This can be a huge benefit for people who care about their health. These factors add to the benefits of installing a pool. 

A factor that can be more or less significant based on who you are is that having a private swimming pool can increase your worth. People who care about that may consider it as a significant reason behind getting a swimming pool of their own. The availability of pool service providers in Orlando might be one of the reasons behind growing number of pools in Orlando.


The rate of increase in the number of swimming pools is most probably going to keep increasing for the time being. Based on the numbers, we can tell that the Floridians would prefer to have more pools for its population to have more room to themselves in a pool.

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