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Tired of mediocre customer service and sloppy workmanship in the Orlando pool resurfacing industry?

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Pool Resurfacing Orlando is your solution. Our company is here to help you revive your worn-off pools, whether you are in Baldwin, Colonialtown North, Delaney Park, Greenwood, or anywhere Downtown. 

We offer groundbreaking and effective solutions combined with extensive experience at a reasonable and affordable price! We service the entire Orlando, Florida, with pool resurfacing,  pool cleaning, and maintenance.

Our skilled workers are on standby, ready to take your call the whole day with emergency service after 6 PM. Remember, When we work for you, you’re hiring the master workers, who know their business in and out.

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We Are The Most Trusted Pool Resurfacing Company In Orlando, Florida


Trust is the cornerstone of our company. We provide the best possible service to our customers. Our business policy is customer-based, which also reflects on our annual data on customer care. We have over 93% happy customers with multiple times contacting us for our service. We have a group of experienced and skilled workers with a registered license. They are trained to work until your satisfaction.

We deliver the best service as well as use the best commercial products to maintain the beauty of your pool processes. We have been here since the beginning of the Pool resurfacing service in Orlando. With over 3500 loyal customers, we can proudly say we are the best and most trusted Pool resurfacing company in Orlando.

Since 2015, we have finished over 10000 projects without a single disastrous result. We have been increasing our range of services due to the increase in our loyal customers. Now, we have seven pool resurfacing branches registered as pool contractors in Orlando. The Accuright survey has defined us as the most trusted cleaning service provider in Florida. 89% of respondents told the surveyor, We understand customer needs and provide excellent customer value.

What is Pool Resurfacing?

First of all, pool resurfacing or pool re-plastering is the same thing. Every swimming pool tends to wear and tear relatively easily when neglected. People don’t have the time or commercial resources to take care of their pools perfectly. On average, any pool start showing its age after a few years. 

Here comes pool resurfacing to save the day. We prepare the existing pool with a new surface coat using hydro blasting, sandblasting, then bond coating. After that, a polished finish is applied.

Do You Need Pool Resurfacing?

Now, the question is, how can you find out if your pool needs resurfacing. The more straightforward method is to call us, our experts will visit your place without any cost.

Or you can determine by yourself. You have two ways to find out if a pool surface is worn out. If the wearing is much, you can simply tell because the plaster should be all over the place. 

You can also take any metal scraper and scrape very gently; if anything comes out, you need a Pool resurfacing ASAP.

Why our swimming pool services are the best in Orlando, FL

We offer the most efficient and innovative pool service in Orlando. Whether you have a green pool or are just looking for weekly maintenance on your pool, Pool Resurfacing Orlando is your solution in Orlando, Florida. 

We provide a solution for every problem your swimming pool has. With services like pool resurfacing,  pool cleaning, pool finishes, pool tile installation, pool coping, pool plumbing, we have the most varied service range in Orlando.

We are the unequaled pool repair contractors in Orlando cause there is none other that matches our magnitude. Our business is based on a customer-first motto, that’s why we are the best.