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About Pool Resurfacing Orlando

Pool Resurfacing Orlando started its journey with one simple purpose- we wanted to help our neighbors in Orlando, Florida, have the best swimming pool experience of their lives. Whether its pool resurfacing or simple pool repairs, our company will deliver the best possible service at affordable prices.

Pool renovation can be a pretty hectic affair. And if you take the help of various traditional pool resurfacing companies, it can also be a burden on your wallet. But our company is more about serving Orlando, Florida, and less about making money. Therefore, you can expect the most caring service when working with Pool Resurfacing Orlando.

One common technique pool renovation services use to make money is applying low-quality materials. Resurfacing your pool with cheap tiles and stones might be profitable for those companies, but it’s harmful to your pool. In contrast, when working with Pool Resurfacing Orlando, expect only the highest quality materials.

Our pool remodeling Orlando team comprises the best pool resurfacing experts and pool contractors. And we won’t rest until your pool renovation work matches your expectations- which is rare with other Orlando pool resurfacing services. Plus, the materials we put in your swimming pool will be environmentally friendly and therefore pose no risk for your family’s health.

Why Our Swimming Pool Resurfacing Services are The Best in Orlando, FL?

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Most Efficient Pool Resurfacing

At Pool Resurfacing Orlando, we provide the most creative solutions for your aging pool. Regardless of its type and condition, our pool resurfacing experts will use their creativity and advanced technologies to find what works best for you. That's because our pool remodeling Orlando teams have the best professionals in this locality.

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All In One Pool Solutions

Most other pool resurfacing companies provide only one or two particular services. However, during a pool remodeling or pool repair job, you might need to get more done on your swimming pool than those mere handfuls. And from that aspect, Pool Resurfacing Orlando is your best choice. Besides renovation, we can also help you with pool plumbing, cleaning, tile replacement, and others.

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Customer Satisfaction

If you have experience with pool resurfacing in Orlando, you might have noticed how professionals sometimes impose their choices on you. And as you are not a pool resurfacing expert, you sometimes can't but go with those choices. But at Pool Resurfacing Orlando, the customer is king. And our swimming pool experts will pay attention to your preferences and do their best to make your vision into reality.

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We Are The Most Trusted Pool Resurfacing Company In Orlando, Florida

Pool Resurfacing Orlando is the most trusted swimming pool service in its area. That's because our pool resurfacing experts and workers are genuine registered professionals. Unlike most pool contractors, our knowledge of the job is not superficial. Instead, we are well-versed in the science of swimming pools.

As a result, pool owners in the Orlando, Florida region have learned to trust us with their pool renovation jobs. Over the years, we have re-plastered and re-tiled countless pools in this area. And in this journey, more than 90 percent of our customers have expressed their satisfaction and gratitude and sought our collection resurfacing services multiple times.

Since we entered the Orlando pool resurfacing scene, we have only used the best and safest products for pool resurfacing. As a result, Orlando pool resurfacing has built up a base of 3500 loyal customers ready to attest to the trustworthiness of our service.

Since our beginning, we have completed over 10000 pool resurfacing projects over the last decade with zero disasters. With the increase in the number of clients, we too had to increase our pool repair and renovation service branches. Currently, we have seven registered pool contractor branches in the Orlando, Florida region.


Quality Materials

We make no compromise in materials for our pool resurfacing projects. Yet make sure your pool renovation costs don't become overwhelming. Every aging pool and deck in Orlando, Florida, means a lot of memories to us. So, we do our best to conserve them.

Advanced Technologies

Fiberglass lining, epoxy coating, or quartz plaster- which one are you seeking for your swimming pools? Our Orlando pool resurfacing service has the technological capabilities of making it all possible at moderate prices. Plus, we can also do a pool renovation by installing a salt-water generator and some LED lights.

Experienced Workforce

The only valid certification for a pool contractor is the license issued by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, City of Orlando– which we possess. This guarantees that our clients get the service of an educated and trained workforce. Our government certification also reflects our years of experience in this sector.

Quick Response

Our professional pool remodeling team responds the fastest to your renovation needs. The pool resurfacing experts at your company can scale your problem and sort out a plan in the shortest possible time.

Lifetime Customer Service

Your relationship with Pool Resurfacing Orlando doesn't end with the completion of the project. Instead, it starts. So, as our neighbors in Orlando, Florida, feel free to call or email our customer service whenever you have an issue regarding pool repairs.

Industry Leading Support

Over 10000 re-plastered and re-tiled swimming pools are proof of our high-quality service. Whether a vinyl or concrete pool, our company can provide industry-leading support with tile replacement, reconstructing pool decks, or resurfacing with epoxy or fiberglass.

Types Of Pool Resurfacing We Offer

Concrete Pool Resurfacing

Pool Resurfacing Orlando offers a variety of renovation services. And the most affordable one is resurfacing a concrete pool with plaster.

Our professional pool remodeling team will first remove the old plaster, repair the cracks and crevices on the surface and treat it with acid. After that, they will apply multiple coats of plaster and add a color of your choice.

However, pool water and plaster react in the long term. As a result, both the surface and the water in your swimming pool are at risk of damage. Therefore, our pool remodeling Orlando team will add a ‘filler’ to the plaster mix.

Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing

Another way to rejuvenate pool decks and surfaces is by applying a fiberglass coating. For that, our pool contractors shall first treat the surface to free it from any residues or cracks.

After that, they apply multiply layers of resin and fiberglass coats according to necessity. Our pool resurfacing experts shall ensure that your fiberglass coating has a smooth and impeccable surface.

There are many advantages of pool renovation with a fiberglass coating. First, it can adjust to the shifts in the swimming pool ground due to temperature changes. In contrast, other coatings tend to break under such circumstances. Plus, being unwelcoming to organic growth, they don’t permit algae growth in your swimming pool.

Diamond Brite Pool Resurfacing

Diamond Brite is one of Pool Resurfacing Orlando’s most requested renovation methods. That’s because, besides being beautiful, it can also increase the durability of your swimming pool. Regular swimming pool plaster is usually marble based. 

In contrast, Diamond Brite is made from natural quartz- a very pure and durable naturally occurring mineral. Here, the coating combines natural quartz aggregates, and the pool resurfacing cement is modified with polymers.

As a result, your pool decks and surface become superiorly resistant to slipping, staining, fading, and scratches. Pool resurfacing with Diamond Brite will also make it resistant to various pool chemicals. And not to mention, your swimming pool will look very aesthetically pleasing.

Pebblecrete Pool Resurfacing

Our neighbors looking forward to swimming pool renovation in Orlando often show an interest in Pebblecrete Pool resurfacing. First, they find the appearance of a pebblecrete swimming pool very attractive. And secondly, it makes one of the strongest and low-maintenance finishing for your pool surface.

The pebblecrete used in pool resurfacing can come in two forms. At Pool Resurfacing Orlando, we can either offer you a formula of simply pebble mixed with cement. Or a combination of glass beads and cement for your swimming pool surface. Our pool contractors can also add powdered dye to achieve a more colorful look.

Remember that the pebblecrete you use in driveways or patios isn’t suitable for pool resurfacing. So, you must be able to make that distinction. However, you don’t have to worry about it because our professional pool remodeling team will take care of that.

Granite Pool Resurfacing

If you want to get your swimming pool re-tiled, consider granite tiles. This is one of the popular suggestions we make to our neighbors in Orlando, Florida, whenever we get a request for tile replacement.

Pool renovation with granite tiles will significantly increase the longevity of your swimming pool surface. Plus, a granite surface is easy to maintain and is resistant to all kinds of everyday stress.

Granite is also an excellent choice for your pool decks. For instance, if you want to make your swimming pool decks more slip-resistant, durable, and overall safer, resurfacing with granite tile is your best solution.

The Best Residential Pool Resurfacing For Orlando Residence

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We are the most logical choice for pool resurfacing in Orlando, Florida. That is because we don’t see our clients as mere customers. Instead, they are our neighbors and proud swimming pool owners of Orlando.

Usually, you need pool resurfacing every 8-10 years. However, if you notice any discoloration, cracks, or staining, contact our Orlando pool resurfacing service as soon as possible. Otherwise, what could have been a simple pool repair job can quickly turn into a costly and complicated pool renovation.

Pool resurfacing Orlando is the best choice for family-owned residential pools because we, too, are a family business. Our professional pool remodeling team has been doing this for twenty years. And as one family to another, we understand and respect your emotional attachment to your swimming pool.

Secondly, our pool resurfacing team is fully licensed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, State of Florida. Also, CSLB certifies our pool contractors. This ensures that you get the service of an educated and trained pool-building workforce when you use our service.

Moreover, our pool resurfacing experts will give you a free estimate of the service costs. Therefore, you can easily plan your pool renovation and repair budget.

Lastly, our pool contractors will give you a written warranty before they start working. And our guarantee covers any defect with your pool renovation job within three months of the completion of the project.

Most Cost-Effective Commercial Pool Resurfacing Service

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Pool resurfacing in Orlando can be the most cost-effective choice for reviving your commercial pool. There are mainly two reasons that make our service easy on your budget.

First of all, we provide a free consultation. The consultation cost can sometimes be overwhelming with other professional pool resurfacing companies. But for our neighbors in Orlando, Florida, we choose to share our knowledge and expertise for free.

Secondly, we provide cost-effective pool resurfacing solutions like fiberglass and aggregate. When you apply these methods for your pool renovation, your swimming pool becomes immune to natural damage and stress. As a result, you don’t have to spend any money on maintenance anytime soon.

However, despite these low costs, Pool Resurfacing Orlando never compromises the material’s quality. Plus, we provide an extensive warranty on our service too. So, you can rest assured that you are getting the best pool resurfacing materials at the lowest possible price.


First of all, pool resurfacing or pool re-plastering is the same thing. Every swimming pool tends to wear and tear relatively easily when neglected. People don’t have the time or commercial resources to take care of their pools perfectly. On average, any pool start showing its age after a few years. 

Here comes pool resurfacing to save the day. We prepare the existing pool with a new surface coat using hydro blasting, sandblasting, then bond coating. After that, a polished finish is applied.


Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, you should be resurfacing your pool every 5 – 10 years. But it really depends on the on the surface material of your pool. With lesser quality surface material, you pool might need to be resurface more often. If you think that your pool surface has worn off and needs resurfacing, contact us. We will send a qualified professional to your location to evaluate your pool’s condition and provide you an estimate on the cost.

If you see any marked flaking, staining, discoloration, cracks or roughness on your pool surface then it is a clear indication that you pool might need resurfacing. Too much resurfacing can also damage your pool due to the harsh chemicals used in the resurfacing process. So, it is best to get you pool checked by a professional before deciding to resurface. 

The complete pool resurfacing procedure can take around two days. But it can take longer considering the extent of damage of your pool surface. The climate condition during the resurfacing can also influence the resurfacing period. 

The extend of damage and the size of your pool will be factor when calculating the cost. Contact us to have a professional be sent over to your home for inspection and accurate cost estimation.

It will be about a month before you can use your pool after resurfacing. The resurfacing procedure itself does not take a lot of time. But you have to brush the pool twice daily for the next 2 weeks. Then you need another two weeks for chemical balancing. It’s only after that can you start using your pool. Also, you should not be using the pool heater for 28 days after the resurfacing procedure.

If your pool was damaged due to a natural disaster or some other accidental causes then it should be covered by your home insurance. But, be sure to contact your insurance company to get that checked out as some companies do not back up pool repair costs.

If your pool surface damage was due to general wear, as in due to years of use, then your insurance company probably will not cover it.

Pool resurfacing does involve using materials that can cause harm. But, if you follow your contractors advice and guidelines you should not be worried about a thing.


Now, the question is, how can you find out if your pool needs resurfacing. The more straightforward method is to call us, our experts will visit your place without any cost.
Or you can determine by yourself. You have two ways to find out if a pool surface is worn out. If the wearing is much, you can simply tell because the plaster should be all over the place.

You can also take any metal scraper and scrape very gently; if anything comes out, you need a Pool resurfacing ASAP.

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