Commercial Pool Resurfacing
in Orlando

Do you have a commercial pool in Orlando that needs resurfacing? Commercial pools are used regularly and often need to be resurfaced more frequently than residential pools. We can help! Pool Resurfacing Orlando the leader in commercial pool resurfacing, would like to provide a service for your business by making sure your customers don’t slip on a slick surface.

We offer a variety of colors and textures that will make your pool seem brand-new again without having to incur the cost of replacing it altogether! Give us a call today for more information about how we can help improve the aesthetics of your building while also saving you money on costly repairs down the road.

How to know if you need to resurface your pool

If your pool has algae, a buildup of dirt or scum on the bottom, and an accumulation of organic materials such as leaves in crevices.
If you’re noticing that your water is constantly cloudy because it’s not being filtered properly.
The water in the pool will look dirty and require more chemicals to stay clean.
If you have a lot of cracks in the plaster surface that need repair, or if there are other signs of structural damage.
Your pool deck will be dirty and discolored by algae, dirt, and oils from the user’s feet.
The paint on your pool’s walls is peeling up into flakes.
There will be cracks in the stairs of your swimming pool.
These all are signs that your pool needs to be resurfaced, and we can help!

Why Resurfacing The Old Commercial Swimming Pool is Important?

Keep Pool Clean​

If your commercial swimming pool is looking a little run down, resurfacing it may be the best thing you can do to extend its life. The looks of commercial places are very important. It is important to keep the pool looking new and clean so that it can be enjoyed by all.


Commercial pools are full of children, adults, and families who want a fun place to swim when they visit your business or organization. Resurfacing will make their experience more enjoyable!​

Fewer Repairs​

A resurfaced pool will also help with maintenance, as a swimming pool with a new surface tends to take less abuse, and fewer repairs are needed.​

Look New

All in all, resurfacing is a great way to make your commercial pool look new again!


swimming pool blue water
Jewel Scapes

This type of pool resurfacing is done from inside the pool. This can include a new deck installation, as well as a new liner and tile work that will make your old-looking pool look brand-new!

Plydeck Resurface

This is a resurfacing process that is done from the inside of the pool. The deck will be resurfaced and new liner, tile work, coping stones, a new waterline, and more can all be included in this type of job!

Chemical Resurfacing

This process requires chemical treatments to be applied to your current surface before it is refinished.


Aggregate is one of the most common resurfacing processes. It is a process that involves sand and stone being mixed together to create a new surface for your pool!


This type of resurfacing begins with the removal of existing plaster, tile, coping stones, or decking so it can be replaced by materials such as concrete based on its original state.


Fiberglass is basically a luxurious option for commercial pool owners. This resurfacing process is for those who are looking to have a long-lasting, highly durable surface

Custom Blends

If you’re looking for something unique and one-of-a-kind, this is the resurfacing process for you! Custom Blends are a great option because they create an artisan look that will be eye-catching.

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