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Most pools in residential areas don’t get enough regular maintenance to stay in top condition over many years. They usually start showing signs of aging in a few years, and a pool owner needs to do a resurfacing at least once every decade. But most pool resurfacing services are not in-depth enough, or they try to rip off their customers by using substandard materials for the repair.

We are Poor Resurfacing Orlando and offer the best Pool Resurfacing in Winter Garden, FL. We have a highly-skilled group of professionals with many years of experience. That experience and in-depth pool renovation knowledge help us provide our customers with the most reliable service possible.

We have many successful pool resurfacing services under our belt, as well as over a decade of experience. But our pride is the long list of satisfied clients we’ve had over the years and one’s we hope to have in the future.

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Why Hire Us?

People usually go to a pool repair expert when they need a routine pool resurfacing service or a full-on renovation. Either of those tasks requires skilled professionals to handle. One must spend some time looking for reliable pool repair service providers.

Plenty of companies does swimming pool resurfacing in Winter Garden, FL. But we have many defining qualities that make us a better choice than most. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider us over others:

1. Free Consultation

A free consultation is one of the many things that set us apart from the rest of the pool resurfacing companies in Florida. Most companies charge a consultation fee. But, we treat our customers more like neighbors, offering our expertise for free.

It is a good business practice to let people know what issues they have and what options they have for fixing them without paying extra.

2. No-Waiting Time

Our pool renovation experts are always ready to handle renovation and resurfacing cases. We use the most advanced tools and dedicated workforce to evaluate your problems in the least amount of time possible. As a local company based in Winter Garden, Orlando, FL, our response time is the fastest.

3. Quality Materials

Our poor remodeling service is cheaper, but that doesn’t mean we have inferior working skills or substandard materials. Each of our personnel is a trained professional who works with the highest quality products in this industry.

In fact, we take pride in using better materials than our competitors. Using cheaper materials saves money, and they require frequent maintenance. That’s a good way of increasing follow-up projects. But we abhor such behavior to the extreme.

4. Advanced Technologies

Just like our raw material, we use industry-leading technologies too. There are plenty of new and improved chemical and industrial tools in the pool repair business. And we keep our inventory updated with the latest, most cutting-edge technology.

5. Lifetime Customer Service

We offer lifetime customer service with every completed project. You can always contact us regarding any new issues with your pool, and we can suggest possible solutions. And if your problem is too severe, we can take on a new project anytime.

Services We Offer

Pool-related businesses often only focus on one or two services. So people need to find different companies to solve different issues. But we offer a more comprehensive solution for nearly every pool-related problem.

Residential Pool Resurfacing

Residential pools are smaller and often have personal touches to the design and depth. We use safe, eco-friendly products for all our projects to ensure the safety of our customers. 

The chemicals we use are very safe and will leave no lasting effects on your pool. So you can start using them without worry after we finish the project.

Commercial Pool Resurfacing

We take just as much care for commercial pool projects as we do with residential pools. But due to the increased scale, depth, and additional features of commercial pools, we may require more time. We use safe and eco-friendly tools and materials for renovating commercial pools too.

Our Pool Resurfacing Process

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We do many types of pool resurfacing procedures, and each involves different steps. Here is a list of options we provide:

1. Concrete Pool Resurfacing

Concrete pool resurfacing is the cheapest pool resurfacing option. We will first remove the old plaster from the pool. Then we will use various treatment processes to ready the surface for a new coat. And then, select a fresh plaster. Of course, you can decide on the color.

2. Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing

We also do fiberglass pool resurfacing. It is relatively more costly than concrete, but it also has plenty of benefits in temperature control and surface smoothness. 

First, we treat the surface to remove all the impurities. Then we’ll slowly apply the fiberglass resin on the surface. It’s a relatively straightforward process, but we take extra care to keep the surface as smooth as possible.

3. Diamond Brite Pool Resurfacing

Diamond Brite coating makes a pool more durable and long-lasting but also costs more. It is a material made of polymer and natural quartz. First, we will treat the pool surface to remove any unwanted materials.

Then we’ll gently mist the edges and the bowl before applying the diamond brite mixture. It takes a while to set, and then we’ll need to give it a final wash to finish the process. Of course, we use the most advanced tools for the job.

4. Pebblecrete Pool Resurfacing

Pebblecrete pool resurfacing is a popular choice for many Orlando locals. It has a fantastic texture and aesthetic appeal. It’s a resilient material and is very easy to maintain.

We usually offer two types of pebblecrete options. The first is a cement and pebble mix without fancy coloring, or we can use glass beads instead of pebbles for better visual appeal.

5. Granite Pool Resurfacing

Granite resurfacing is a lengthy process and is quite expensive. But it is also one of the market’s most potent pool surface options. Granite resurfacing entails an entire stage of re-doing the surface tiles. We’ll need to individually install the new set of tiles and do a final finishing to make it slip-resistant.

Cost of Pool Resurfacing in Winter Garden, FL

Pool resurfacing cost in Winter Garden, FL, or anywhere else, for that matter, depends on the scale and features of a pool. Larger commercial pools have more surface area to cover and different elevation levels. 

While residential pools have unique features and distinct shapes, usually, pool resurfacing cost starts from 650$ and can go upwards of 750$.

Why Winter Garden Residents Loves Our Service

We have over 10,000 successful pool renovations in the past decade and an extensive list of satisfied clients. Since the very beginning, we’ve only used the best products and suffered zero accidents. And our work ethic has earned us a healthy list of faithful customers.